Roche Harbor Resort Master Plan

The Roche Harbor Resort began life as a mining operation which drew tons of limestone from the land and grew rapidly as lime was needed to rebuild San Francisco after the 1906 quake and fire. Ultimately falling into disrepair and finally into a boater destination, The Master Plan for Roche Harbor is a conscientious design based on a series of town planning principles which encourage not only a sense of place and historic perspective, but also to promote a sustainable, healthy community void of rural sprawl.
The primary objective is the development of a town with a center and an edge that takes no more than five minutes to traverse by foot. The principle allows the design to grow from within and encourages pedestrian and community activity.

Key aspects of the planning process included studies of shoreline codes and requirements with regard to the marina and waterfront buildings, presentations of the proposed changes to the community and the county, then gathering and considering all input from those meetings for possible incorporation into the master plan or design of buildings.