Point Monroe Main House

This is the final edition to a three part building/design process that took place over the last decade. BC&J began design on the Point Monroe Boathouse and Carriage house in 2006 while the owners still lived in Chicago but made frequent trips to the property. the main house design began in 2012 to align the completion for the owners retirement to the Pacific Northwest in 2016.
This time around the owners wanted a modern interpretation for the main house which is a departure from the shingle style precedent set by the previous two building.

The Point Monroe Main House is a contemporary interpretation of Northwest Regionalism in which dramatic waterfront conditions are addressed with aesthetic consideration of massing, materials and the embracing of natural light. The interior spaces are highlighted in marble, waxed steel, walnut, sapele and dramatic limestone finishes.

Location Bainbridge Island

Contractor Dave Carley, Carley Construction, Inc.