North Island House

This 3,200 square foot Bainbridge Island house is designed for a young family that will commonly have extended stay guests. The house was designed with the concept of a series of living pavilions. Each pavilion takes in different views of the acreage beyond. The main pavilion houses the great room and children’s bedrooms above. The west pavilion houses a discrete guest suite. The north pavilion includes the utility and family rooms on the main floor and master suite on the second.

The house is located along the grade that parallels the path of the sun. This prompted the development of the design to be rather thin in the north-south dimension which, in-turn allows for the most amount of daylight to be garnered by the interior of the building as possible.

The project included a detached garage which houses an office space that bridges the parking bays below.

Location Bainbridge Island, WA

Contractor Ray Stevenson, Jefferson Properties, Bainbridge Island WA