Washington Avenue Building

The Washington Avenue Building is a mixed use infill structure located in the downtown core of the small town of Kingston located on the shores of Puget Sound. The Washington Avenue Building includes retail spaces on the ground floor inclusive of a generous plaza level over a parking garage and lodging and private residences on the upper two levels. All of the residential units include spectacular views of Puget Sound. The Washington Avenue Building is complimentary to the Belmont Building designed by BC&J located across the street. A focus of the building is the streetscape façade and how pedestrians may interact with the uses of the building throughout the day. The mixed use aspect of this building is critical to offering the residents of Kingston an opportunity to work and live in the same or nearby vicinity. This sustainable live-where-you-work pattern alleviates auto dependency, promotes walking and by extension, offers health benefits. This pattern of building occupancy also supports the idea that downtown Kingston is a neighborhood with its own sense of place

Location Kingston, WA